If you have no previous programming experience but interested in learning programming, JavaScript is the best option for you. JavaScript is the language of web, and thankfully there are tons of free resources to learn and master it online.

Why JavaScript?

JavaScript is relatively simply to begin as compared to other languages like C/C++, Java and Ruby. It doesn’t require any specific setup like installing IDE, VM or hardware configuration — just a plain text editor and your web browser is enough.

JavaScript is an open and cross-platform language with wider developer ecosystem and support. With emerging technologies like Node.js & MongoDB…

How to become a Programmer?
How do I get started?
What Programming language should I learn ?
Where I can learn Programming?
I can not do this
It’s hard for me
Why I couldn’t learn this?
Maybe I chose the wrong major (Student).
I regret choosing this major.

Seiring perkembangannya, perangkat keras/lunak berbasis sumber terbuka (open source) makin diminati oleh berbagai kalangan, termasuk korporasi. Pemanfaatannya sudah menyebar di berbagai lini, termasuk pada tingkatan infrastruktur — teknologi yang dimanfaatkan sering disebut dengan istilah “Open Source Infrastructure Software/Hardware” (Open Infra).

Dondy Bappedyanto, CEO at Biznet GIO — Open Infrastructure for Data Sovereignty

Pada hari sabtu, 02 November 2019, Komunitas Openstack Indonesia kembali menyelenggarakan Indonesia Open Infrastructure Day 2019 yang bertempatan di Hotel Golden Tulip Legacy Surabaya dan menyajikan acara keynotes, breakout sessions, lightning talks dan workshop.

Tak kenal maka tak sayang

Indonesia Open Infrastructure Day (IOID) merupakan acara yang mempertemukan pengguna, pebisnis, pengembang dan operator untuk berdiskusi mengenai…

Dzun Nurroin

Like cat but but doesn't hate pandas | Creat something out of nothing with pure power of logic

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