This is not totally My Major

How to become a Programmer?
How do I get started?
What Programming language should I learn ?
Where I can learn Programming?
I can not do this
It’s hard for me
Why I couldn’t learn this?
Maybe I chose the wrong major (Student).
I regret choosing this major.

Surely everyone who has the above concerns when they are new to the IT world, especially in the programming world. Of course me too!

I myself also had a hard time getting started. But, I don’t give up, I will never give up, because everything needs a process, we have to struggle, keep learning, keep practicing, and absolutely we pray we pray what we want can come true and run smoothly.

Throw away “I chose the wrong major, this is not my field, I can’t afford this major”. Throw away “that thing from our minds. The world of IT / programming is broad, there are Web Designers, Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, Mobile Developers, Software Engineers, Data Science and many more.

If we can’t be in one field of programming, we can still explore / try other fields, so we can find IT fields that suit us. The point is to keep learning, keep practicing, keep improving skills and keep praying.

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